The boat prior to the current project (30′ Murray Peterson “Susan” wooden schooner) is the Leslie Jean, a 15′ Whitehall named after my girl, Leslie Jean Phinney.

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14 04 2010
Mark VanderKlipp

I knew Leslie had some beautiful lines … now there is photographic proof! Excellent site! I will follow.


15 04 2010
Captain Ahab

Beautiful boat. You’re among the last of a dying breed of craftsmen.

30 06 2010

Your shop looks wonderful. Congrats.
Just wondering. The Whitehall.. how much does she weigh. Thinks of building Newfoundland Rodney (15 foot rowboat / punt) this fall and winter. Figuring out construction for weight.

All the best in schooner building.
Jerome Canning
Wooden Boat Museum of NL

30 06 2010
Karl Bischoff

Hello Jerome.
I have not weighed her (I can’t because she is named after my wife, and…well… weight is not considered a safe subject… ever). But the Whitehall is pretty heavy. The white oak keel is heavy, but the Western Red Cedar planking is light. It is a stuggle for 2 strong men to lift. It took 4 men to lift her on top of my van, so now she is on a trailer (the boat, not my wife).

5 09 2012
Ed Hamilton

Hi my name is Ed Hamilton, and I live in Charlotte Arkansas and have had a dream to build a cedar strip canoe most of my adult life, but something always seems side track me. You sir are truly a dream breaker, thanks for the wonderful pictorial journal from the fight with the government, to the building of the shop and laying of the plan on the floor, the lose of your stuff through the low life’s and the start of your magnificent craft. Hope to see the final piece soon afloat in all it’s grandeur

31 10 2015

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