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25 02 2010

Welcome to BischoffBoatworks. I am documenting the building of BISH, a 30′ wooden schooner designed by Murray Peterson. The lofting is done, the ballast keel is poured, shaped and bolted on, the wood keel is shaped out of 800 lbs. of purpleheart, the molds are installed, most of the bronze parts are cast, all the backbone pieces are cut and assembled, floors are in, and frames have been bent in, transom frame and Honduran Mahogany transom on, garboard and all the planks installed. Stern tube and rudder tube built and installed. And in an act of purist optimism, the sails have arrived from Nat Wilson in East Boothbay, Maine. Bill Peterson (Murray’s son) has designed a topsail plan for me. And.. I have the Sabb 18 hp engine installed. EdenSaw just delivered the teak for the deck and all the Sitka Spruce spar material. The interior is framed,  and painted and varnished.  Away we go! Check out the latest in the “BISH: The Build” section.

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14 04 2010

Great site. Would you hurry up and finish the Bish…….it’d look awfully nice moored in front of our new digs!

14 04 2010
Karl Bischoff

I’m assuming you are referring to the Mexican beach house, not the Colorado mountain house!

25 06 2010
Leslie Phinney

One of the “Producers” of Bischoff Boatworks and HUGE supporter of the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer (a certain Captain Karl Bischoff) is Ms. Leslie Jean Phinney:)

23 12 2011

Of course Mexico…….now hurry up and get it done!

27 08 2014
Paul Dutra

Karl, just stumbled upon your site research Peterson’s Susan. I’m not sure by the dates where you are with Bish though I’m anxious to see her. Also, have you followed the building od another “Susan” in Woodenboat’s forum by a gentleman in Texas? Excellent photos of his beautiful craftsmanship.

27 08 2014
Karl Bischoff

Hello Paul. The site is currently up-to-date. I’m finishing up the planking in September (hopefully). Yes, Bob Albers is building in Texas (he came to my shop for a visit about a month ago) but his build is TOTALLY different from mine. He is an accomplished engineer so he knew how to output mylar lofting sheets to size, used tons of epoxy for doing a strip plank, etc. His end product will look somewhat similar to mine, but the route to getting there is very different. I’m fascinated by traditional tools and methods, so am sticking to that fairly closely. I hope you can come to the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend in 10 days. I will be exhibiting my Whitehall “Leslie Jean” on the hard out on the point. Bob will be attending as well. Maybe we can have a SUSAN lunch/dinner/drink/whatever. I will be monitoring email karlb@pbdh.com.

28 08 2014
Paul Dutra

Hi Karl, thanks so much for getting back to me. I’m just so in love with this design. I’ll be following your build just as I’ve followed Bob’s from the beginning. Can’t wait to see your photos and commentary. Yes, I understand those differences and that alone makes it so fascinating. Wish I could make it, I’ve been to every one of the WBS out here (Newport, RI and Mystic, CT) and have always wanted to attend out there. Used to travel to Seattle quite frequently and just love the area. Thanks so much again, Paul

10 06 2016
Robert Axelrod

How can I get a set of “Susan” plans?

13 06 2016
Karl Bischoff

You need to contact the owner of the design. The original architect was Murray Peterson. His business is now owned and operated by his son, Bill Peterson. He is at 48 Jones Point Rd.
South Bristol ME 04568-4310
United States

(207) 644-8100

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